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卡托巴语 student-athletes have access to the best resources both on 和 off the field. 那, combined with the exceptional personal, 学术, 和 athletic support from people who truly care, is a win-win situation.

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The Student, The Athlete

At 卡托巴语 College, we believe what makes the best student-athlete is good sportsmanship 和 good scholarship. With top quality 学术 和 athletic resources combined with true personal attention, there is nothing holding you back from achieving your goals.


Joining 卡托巴语 体育运动 means becoming a part of our trademark championship quality, 的态度, 和 performance. Your fellow teammates who will compete alongside you, along with your coaches who champion you, will become like a second family, supporting 和 cheering you on now 和 for many years to come.


卡托巴语 athletes not only have access to scholarship opportunities, they have the full 学术 和 personal support of our outst和ing faculty, 工作人员, coaching assistants, 经理, 和运动鞋.


卡托巴语’s 23 NCAA Division II athletic teams train 和 compete in some of the best facilities that rival larger colleges. 最重要的,, 卡托巴语’s student-athletes get more playing time on the field, 法院, course 和 track – 和 exceptional personal attention from our award-winning coaches.


With the addition of the 的电子竞技 program, 卡托巴语 offers a program that has become the world’s fastest-growing spectator sport. The addition of esports allows us to meet our students where their interests are 和 provides our current 和 future student-athletes with a new 和 exciting intercollegiate sports. 学生 who are varsity players on 卡托巴语’s esports team will receive 奖学金 和 compete nationally.


The 卡托巴语 College Intramural Sports Program provides fun, recreational activities within a competitive atmosphere. These enjoyable experiences help develop lifelong habits of participation in recreation 和 sportsmanship, as well as provide the opportunity for developing a healthy body 和 an alert mind.

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Join a tradition of athletic excellence in a supportive environment that enriches not only
the physical lives of each student-athlete, but also encourages success in 学术 和 personal areas.