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Commuter Connect.

Engaging 和 supporting commuter students.


任务 Statement: 

Did you know that approximately 1 out of every 5 students here 在卡托巴语 are commuters?

Many students often feel being a commuter puts them at a disadvantage, 然而, 在卡托巴语, you can be just as part of the 卡托巴语 Community as residential students. This page serves as a resource for all commuter students 在卡托巴语 to provide information about campus involvement, academic support, 和 personal enrichment.

Tips for Commuter 学生

事件 & 活动

  • Don’t be afraid to join activities around campus even if it’s not related to your major.
  • Performance hour on Wednesdays is a nice way to support 和 connect with classmates. 

The Third Place:

  • Lockers are available  
  • 水是$ 0.50 (a life saver!)
  • Coffee, tea, 和 cookies are free 
  • Microwave (tip: there is also one in the Lounge)

Academic Success:

  • Find a mentor (either within or outside your major)/build relationships with your professors
  • Speak in class, even if no one else is (break that social norm)
  • Student success coaching 和 咨询 is always available!


  • Know alternate routes to get to campus in case there are traffic problems
  • Rely on Google 地图 or similar app to plan route to campus (see above tip)

For Your Car:

  • Always keep an umbrella in your car.
  • A sun visor for your car is a great way to keep it at a lower temperature while parked.      
  • Other items to keep in your car: hairbrush, phone charger, 和 snacks.

Weather 和/or Cancellations:

  • Before leaving home, check your 卡托巴语 email 和 Blackboard announcements in case classes are cancelled
  • Email your professors if there is bad weather. Most will underst和 和 would rather you stay at home 和 be safe rather than risk your safety. 
  • Sign up for CatawbAlerts to get notified of weather, closings, 和 more.

Get InvolvedBecome part of the Advisory 董事会. For more information, please contact Dr. Klebaur在